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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership means putting others first, sharing power, helping underperformers to do better, and allowing high-achievers to soar. Are you the sort of person who asks yourself, “How much money can I make?”, or, “How can I get ahead?”. Or are you more likely to ask yourself, “How can I help all of us to […]

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Five Functions of Management

The Five Functions of Management model was developed by Henry Fayol in the early 20th century (1916). In fact, Fayol is considered one of the founding fathers of management theory. Before Fayol, managers had no formal training in management and thus had nowhere to turn if they wanted to improve their management skills. Fayol recognized […]

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14 Principles of Management

The 14 Principles of Management were first introduced in 1916 by Henry Fayol. Fayol was managing director of a mining company responsible for over 1,000 employees and based his theories on his observations he made in this capacity. In 1916, there were many large businesses and factories in existence. However, there weren’t many formal management […]

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Town Hall Meetings: Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

In this article, we’ll look at how town hall meetings operate in an organizational context. The purpose of a town hall meeting is to allow: Management to keep their team up to date on important information. The team to ask questions of management and give their feedback. Everyone to understand the goals and values of […]

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