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By Denis G.

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How to Communicate your Vision

Whether you’re a program manager, CEO, project manager, or entrepreneur, you need to communicate the vision of what your trying to achieve. All good leaders know that in order to have people rally to a cause, they must make their followers excited about their cause.

When people are fully behind a vision they are empowered and impassioned to take action to move the organization towards the realisation of that vision. An understanding of the vision helps everyone who is working towards the vision frame their thoughts, enabling them to make the right decisions day-to-day. This is why communicating the vision is so important.

Communicating your VisionThat at least is they theory, but let’s examine the reality. In reality the average employee isn’t career minded and comes into work day in and day out simple to do their job in the hope that management doesn’t interfere with them too much*. Your vision is not of concern to them. They have far more pressing things to worry about, such as paying the mortgage, bills, home repairs, their kids, their pets etc etc.

* This is definitely an over generalisation but the point I’m trying to make is that your plans for communicating your vision should encompass everyone who needs to hear it.

In fact, your strategy is probably somewhere on their priority list just below tidying the garage. To reach these people what can a leader do to ensure that even if employees aren’t rallying behind the vision and biting at the bit to execute it, then are at least aware of and understand the vision? How can you ensure that everyone knows and understands the vision? One answer is to keep the message simple, and repeat it often using all channels available to you.

Keep the Message Simple

Do not try to be clever. Keep your message simple – think of TV adverts advertising cleaning detergents! You could even make it catchy like a TV advert. The simpler and more succinct the message the more likely people will remember it.

Repeat in Often

Repeating a simple message frequently makes people remember it. Remember:

  • Repeating a message makes it stick
  • Repeating a message makes it stick
  • Repeating a message makes it stick
  • Repeating a message makes it stick
  • Repeating a message makes it stick

Got it?

Use All Channels Available

Use every channel available to you to reach and engage with your team. This can include verbal communication, email communication, videos of the message hosted on vps etc. Task your direct reports with spreading the vision to their direct reports answering any questions that arise. These directs should then spread the vision to their direct reports. This process should be repeated until everyone in the organization understands the vision.


Everyone within an organization needs to understand the vision in order to enable them to make the right decisions every day. This is why it is important to communicate the vision. Three simple approaches to help you effectively communicate the vision are to keep the message simple, repeat it often, and use all modes of communication available to you.

* Image by Igor Klisov

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