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Taylor’s Motivation Theory – Scientific Management

Taylor’s Motivation Theory, or Scientific Management, was one of the first theories of motivation in the workplace. Have you ever tried to boost the productivity of your team, but failed? Perhaps you’ve given a rousing speech or explained how important it is that the company hits its targets for the year? Boosting your team’s motivation […]

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Mayo’s Motivation Theory | Hawthorn Effect

Mayo’s Human Relations Motivation Theory, which contains the Hawthorn Effect, is a theory of motivation in the workplace. Have you ever tried to get your team motivated in the workplace? You try various tactics to get your team fired up but nothing really seems to work, and everything stays the way it was. It’s frustrating […]

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Herzberg’s Motivation Theory – Two Factor Theory

Herzberg’s Motivation Theory model, or Two Factor Theory, argues that there are two factors that an organization can adjust to influence motivation in the workplace. These factors are: Motivators: Which can encourage employees to work harder. Hygiene factors: These won’t encourage employees to work harder but they will cause them to become unmotivated if they […]

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Job Characteristics Model

The Job Characteristics Model (also know as Jobs Characteristic Theory) enables you to improve employee performance and job satisfaction by means of adjusting the job itself. The model states that if you do this successfully you can create the conditions for an employee to thrive in their role. By thrive, we mean that the employee […]

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