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COIN Feedback Model

The COIN feedback model is a four-step template for giving positive and constructive feedback. Giving feedback is a critical skill for any team leader, but it can be tricky to deliver effectively. Give feedback that’s too harsh, or say the wrong thing in the spur of the moment, and you could damage your relationship permanently. […]

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Bloom’s Taxonomy Explained with Example

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a framework for learning that can help improve the quality of how students learn and teachers teach.  Bloom’s Taxonomy can help you understand the different levels at which you master knowledge. As a learner, you can use this information to better structure your studying and gauge your competence. As a teacher, you […]

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Start, Stop, Continue | Examples and Template

Start, Stop, Continue is a simple feedback tool that can help you continually improve over time that works at both an individual and team level. Many people struggle to both give and receive constructive feedback. Why? Because feedback can be uncomfortable. It can be uncomfortable to challenge your team’s performance, and it can be equally […]

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The Pygmalion Effect Explained

The Pygmalion Effect is a psychological phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to increased performance. The Pygmalion Effect gets its name from ancient Greek mythology and the story of Pygmalion, who fell in love with one of his sculptures. Pygmalion is also the name of a play by George Bernard Shaw. The play explores the idea […]

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