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The Pygmalion Effect Explained

The Pygmalion Effect is a psychological phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to increased performance. The Pygmalion Effect gets its name from ancient Greek mythology and the story of Pygmalion, who fell in love with one of his sculptures. Pygmalion is also the name of a play by George Bernard Shaw. The play explores the idea […]

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Train-the-Trainer Model Explained

The train-the-trainer model is used to train trainers or subject matter experts so that they can then teach others effectively.  Imagine you’re an expert at using a particular software package. Right now, you’re the only person within your organization with any experience of using this package. This software is about to be rolled out across […]

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Kolb’s Learning Cycle

Kolb’s Learning Cycle, also known as the Experiential Learning Cycle, is a four-stage process that explains how you learn through experience.   The model shows that for effective learning to occur, you must pass through four stages. The model uses the word “experiential” to highlight the fact that we learn through our experiences. David Kolb published […]

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Theory of Planned Behavior

The Theory of Planned Behavior shows the various factors that can influence our behavior. The theory states that your intentions are the best predictor of your behavior.   If you believe being punctual is a good thing, then you are more likely to make an effort to arrive at meetings on time. If you believe that […]

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