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ADKAR Model of Change

The Prosci ADKAR Model is a goal-based change management model that can be used to guide both individual and organizational change. The model is different from many other change management models because is it focuses on guiding change at the individual level. Jeff Hiatt developed the ADKAR Model of change in the 1990s. The model […]

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Influence Mapping

Influence mapping allows us to identify key stakeholders and the people who influence those stakeholders. This is particularly useful when managing change. Making change happen can be difficult. The larger the change the more difficult it can be to achieve. But even in large organizations, there are usually just a few key people who play […]

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Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning arises from the fact that exposure to risk in business is unavoidable. In business, risk can be defined as a threat that might prevent the business or organization from hitting its objectives. The purpose of contingency planning is thus to create planned responses to events that might adversely impact an organization. What happens […]

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The DICE Framework

Want a simple yet objective way to measure the likely success of a project or change initiative? If you answered yes to that question then the DICE Framework, developed by the Boston Consulting Group, may be just what you need. In the past 50 years thousands of books have been written about change management. This […]

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