The Successful Leader

The Successful Leader

The Successful Leader is a how-to guide for leadership that you'll refer to again and again. In this digital book you will learn...

  • How to change your leadership style based on situation.
  • Future, Engage, Deliver: A simple process for leading change.
  • How to make sense of all the different styles of leadership, and how to adapt your style based on situation.
  • Understand how to assess your emotional intelligence and take steps to improve it.
  • Assess your political astuteness, and learn tips to boost your power and authority.
  • A simple technique to identify and remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • What factors contribute to motivation, and how to set personal goals that are both motivating and achievable.
  • Specific techniques to help you delegate, coach, give feedback, and influence anyone.

Who this book is for:

  • People starting a new job who want to hit the ground running.
  • People looking to take their first steps in team management or leadership
  • Seasoned leaders looking looking for a leadership guide that cuts through the noise and gets back to the basics of leadership.

Extras (optional) to help you get the most of the book:

  • Goal setting template
  • Giving feedback worksheet
  • Delegation worksheet
  • Limiting beliefs worksheet