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The Stages of Change Model

The Stages of Change Model, also known as the Transtheoretical Model, is a six-stage model that can help you change your behaviors for the better. If you ever made a new year’s resolution, you’ll know how hard they can be to stick with. In fact, according to one survey, only 9% of people who make […]

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PANAS Scale (Positive and Negative Affect Schedule)

The Positive And Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS scale) is a self-assessment questionnaire for measuring your emotions and feelings. The workplace can be an exciting yet at the same time challenging place. You can feel energized and proactive but also feel angry and upset at the same time. Whether you experience positive feelings, negative feelings, or […]

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Honey and Mumford Learning Styles

The Honey and Mumford learning styles are four distinct styles of learning. The theory states that each one of us will prefer to learn using one, or at most two, of these different learning styles. If you’re anything like me, then when you plan to learn a new subject, you’ll begin by thinking about what […]

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PERMA Model of Well-being

The PERMA model is a framework showing that five building blocks contribute to your well-being. You, like me, probably want to be happy. When you’re happy, you enjoy your life more, you’re more productive and better able to deal with setbacks. You can build better relationships and find meaning in your life. We all want […]

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