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12 Rules for Life Book Summary

The 12 Rules for Life is a book by Jordan B. Peterson that touches on many topics including science, philosophy, psychology, religion, and politics. It is a self-help book, and at its core are two key concepts. Firstly, that you should take personal responsibility for your life and the life of those in your charge […]

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The 20 Mile March

The 20 Mile March is a concept introduced in the book Built to Last, by Jim Collins. Every New Year millions of people set themselves a New Year resolution. Most of these resolutions revolve around eating better, drinking less, exercising more, losing weight, learning a foreign language, or being more successful. These goals are set […]

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Book Summary: Good to Great by Jim Collins

In this article, we’ll summarize the key points of the classic business book, Good to Great by Jim Collins. Some companies have always been great, such as Coca-Cola. This book isn’t about this type of company. It’s about companies who were good for a long time and then somehow became great for a long time. […]

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Locus of Control

Locus of control relates to how much a person believes they have control over events in their life. A person with an internal locus of control believes they can influence events in their lives. A person with an external locus of control believes their life is controlled by external factors that they cannot influence.   […]

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