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The OODA Loop

The OODA loop, also known as Boyd’s Cycle, is a decision-making tool, originally developed to help fighter pilots win during air combat even though they may possess incomplete data.  Behind the OODA loop is the philosophy that reacting more quickly to changing circumstances than your competition puts you at a competitive advantage, and thus you […]

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The DMAIC Model

The DMAIC model is a problem-solving method used to identify flaws and improve inefficiencies in business processes.   One challenge of day-to-day business is resolving problems. Imagine you run a small business that sells products online, and a quarterly review reveals a significant drop in orders.   In a situation like this, you might look at customer […]

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Fishbone Diagram Tutorial

Using a fishbone diagram can help an organization find the root causes of a problem. No matter what line of work you are in, sometimes things go wrong. Some things that go wrong will be obvious and easy to resolve while others will be more complex. When complex problems occur, a fishbone diagram can help […]

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Elaboration Likelihood Model

The elaboration likelihood model (ELM) is a theory of persuasion or attitude change that proposes that people can be persuaded in one of two ways. What does elaboration mean in the context of the model? You can think of elaboration as referring to how much conscious thought you put into making a decision. If you […]

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