Almost everything you need to become a good program manager exists here at EPM. However, below I’ve listed other resources that could complement what you’ll find on EPM.

Program Management Certification

It is possible to become a certified professional in program management, to formally recognise your ability to oversee multiple projects and their resources to achieve strategic goals. The two most widely known qualifications are…

In my opinion, if you’re not based in the UK then PgMP is the one to go for as its more internationally recognised than MSP. If your based in the UK and don’t intend to look for employment overseas then MSP is the one to do.

Program Management Sites

As far as I’m aware (and believe me I’ve looked) there aren’t too many sites dedicated to program management. However, the best resources I’ve found are located at the following places:

If you know of other dedicated resources then please get in touch and let me know.

Program Management Books

If you’d like to read a book on program management then these are the books I’d recommend.

In a nutshell – this is the best book I have read on program management – buy this book if you serious about understanding and improving your program management skills, or if you want to establish program management within your organization.

Another great book about program management. The strength of this book is that its simple to read and maintains a constant focus towards delivering value to the organization.

These are the only two program management books I recommend!

Leadership Books

Program managers are essentially leaders. A great book to read, whatever level of leadership you operate at is…

What I like about this book is that its easy to read, and that it breaks the often opaque subject of leadership into practical things you can do each day. Highly recommended.

I’ll continue to update this page over time as I continue to find great resources to share with you.