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Equity Theory – Keeping Employees Motivated

Everyone in the workplace is motivated by something. This motivation could be external in nature, such a money, and status, or internal, such as a desire to do a good job. Leaders and managers have sought to understand theories of motivation and then test them in the workplace to increase the productivity and effectiveness of […]

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Giving Feedback

To understand how the process of giving feedback works let us use the analogy of how a self-guided torpedo operates. A self-guided torpedo has a target it is trying to hit, it’s goal. The torpedo has a propulsion mechanism to push it through the water. It also has sensors, such as sonar and radar, to […]

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The GROW Model

The GROW Model can help you develop the capabilities of your team, and developing the capabilities of your team is one of the most important jobs of a leader. But don’t just take our word for it – here are some quotes by leading figures on the importance of developing your team: “The growth and […]

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The Performance and Potential Matrix

If you are a senior leader or manage a large team, then the sheer number of people within the team can make it very difficult for you to discover the superstars. If this situation sounds familiar and you’d like to conduct some talent management then the performance and potential matrix, sometimes known as the 9-Box […]

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