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The Crawford Slip

If you’re wondering what the Crawford Slip is, you might be surprised to find you’ve already encountered it before, but haven’t known it by name. The Crawford Slip is named after Dr C. C. Crawford, who proposed the method in the 1920s. The method is extremely simple but powerful in that it gives everyone the […]

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Making do with your Team?

We all know that a strong team is very important. It doesn’t matter how good your processes and methodologies are, if you have a dysfunctional team you won’t succeed. In an ideal world we get to construct our team from scratch, with people we trust, using a balance of personalities with different skills. But what […]

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How to Run a Meeting

These days office life is dominated by meetings. On many occasions my entire day is taken up from start to finish by meetings. I am sure I’m not the only one, and that this situation is familiar to many of you reading this. So it will come as no surprise that learning how to run […]

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