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Quality Control vs. Quality Assurance

The terms Quality Control and Quality Assurance are distinct topics but they are often misunderstood by program and project managers. When embarking on a project you should understand both the quality control and quality assurance processes involved. Quality Control Defined Quality Control (QC) refers to the specific quality activities which are performed during the creation […]

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Project Dependencies

A dependency occurs when one deliverable is needed in order to make progress on another deliverable. Dependencies can occur at many different levels – one task may be waiting on another, one project may be waiting on another, and even one organization may be waiting on another. The word “dependency” is often misused, for example, […]

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RAID: Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies

RAID is an acronym which should be at the forefront of your mind if you are a project manager or a program manager. RAID stands for Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies. At the bottom of this article, you’ll find a link to download a free RAID Log template. The RAID acronym can help you to […]

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Project Assumptions

An assumption is the act of taking something for granted or supposing. In a project sense, an assumption is something we establish as true for the purposes of allowing us to proceed with our project work, usually during the planning and estimating phase. Assumptions enable the project to move forward without absolutely certain information. For […]

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