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Programs in Context of the Organisation

Ever wondered how projects and programs sit within the business? Or how everyone within the program is linked to the organisation’s vision? Here is a very simple diagram which attempts to show programs sit within the context of the overall business, and how everyone within the a program should be actively working towards achieving the […]

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The Difference Between a Project and a Program

We frequently receive emails enquiring into the difference between projects and programs (or programmes as they’re referred to in the UK). Many of those who email us are under the impression that a program is simply a really big project, and that there are many similarities between projects and programs. Nothing could be further from […]

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What Does a Program Manager Do?

In the last article we looked at what exactly is a program. Now that we understand programs, it’s time to look at the role of a Program Manager. The question, “So, what exactly does a Program Manager do?” is one I think every Program Manager dreads, as the answer can be so complex, but hopefully […]

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What is a Program?

If you’re already a Program Manager then this is a question you no doubt get asked frequently by your friends and family. I for one certainly get asked this all the time. However, if you are new to program management then you may well be wondering exactly what a Program is, and this is what […]

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