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Value Proposition Examples

In a previous article we gave the value proposition definition as the benefit a customer will receive if they buy your product. In that article we then went on to describe how all specific value propositions derive from just 4 root types of value proposition: Our product is unique We have the lowest prices We […]

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Value Proposition Definition

A value proposition can be defined simply as the benefit a customer receives if they buy your product. The definition applies equally well to both B2B and B2C products and services. Once defined, the value proposition is normally an internal document and is not shown to customers. Instead the value proposition is used as a […]

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The Product Life Cycle

The Product Life Cycle is a conceptual marketing concept. It shows the stages a product goes through from when it is first introduced to the market until it is removed. Not all products make it through all stages of the life cycle. In fact, many products don’t even make it past the first stage of […]

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The Marketing Mix (The 4 P’s of Marketing)

One of the things I enjoy most about general management and program management is the fact that you get exposure to how all the different parts of an organization fit together and work. When I first started my career, like many people working in a technical capacity I considered that marketing was all about having long liquid lunches, […]

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