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7 Cs of Communication

The 7 Cs of communication is a checklist we can use to ensure that we are communicating effectively. Communication is something we do almost from the moment we are born. As a baby, we communicate effectively by crying when we are unhappy about something. As a young child, we are already communicating with those around […]

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The Rhetorical Triangle

Rhetoric is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as, “The art of persuasive speaking or writing”. Thus, the Rhetorical Triangle is a tool that helps you formulate your thoughts so you can clearly present your position in a persuasive way. Master using this tool and people will clearly understand your message, and be heavily persuaded […]

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Have you ever noticed that some people seem naturally able to give a great speech or presentation? It can sometimes seem as though these people, such as Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King,  have an innate natural ability to orate and sell their ideas. Maybe you’ve experienced a great speaker in action for yourself during […]

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